Russian Terrorism Is Based on Nuclear Blackmail

Ihor Petrenko

5 mins - 22 de Mayo de 2023, 07:05

The former president of Russia, Dmytro Medvedev, has fallen back into old patterns - threatening the world with nuclear war. This time, in a conversation with the youth, the Russian politician stated that the prospect of a nuclear war, in his opinion, is growing every day, blaming The West, as usual. It is not necessary to expect anything else, because, according to the Kremlin's scenario, the West is the one responsible for the war in Ukraine, but by no means Russia itself. Everyone has already heard this story many times. It seems that Russian propaganda is convincing its own citizens in such a theory more and more. It is noteworthy that this meeting and conversation took place on the eve of the 37th anniversary of one of the largest man-made disasters - the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the consequences of which are still felt by Ukrainians to this day. But, obviously, the Kremlin is not used to drawing conclusions from the lessons of history. Instead, they are used to threatening and its realization, sometimes with open armed aggression, as happened in February 2022 in Ukraine.

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During the full-scale war, Russian politicians repeatedly used their nuclear argument for intimidation. Russia has been constantly, during the entire period of the full-scale war in Ukraine, resorting to methods of threatening and reminding the world that it has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Let's recall, on the eve of the Rammstein meeting, Medvedev already stated that a nuclear state, referring to the Russian Federation, allegedly couldn’t lose in a conventional conflict, because, in his sick imagination, this would provoke the start of a nuclear war. This is how they see the situation in the Kremlin, convincing ordinary Russians that they are at war with NATO and the USA. The statement, as usual, was aimed at a domestic audience with the aim of convincing its own citizens of the greatness of the Russian Federation. But at the same time, to intimidate Ukraine's Western allies on the eve of providing defense assistance. It is true that the Kremlin began to openly threaten the world with nuclear weapons since the summer of last year. In September, it was Putin himself, who began to threaten nuclear weapons while announcing the forced mobilization, and declared that the West had crossed the line in its aggressive anti-Russian policy. Subsequently, the first persons of the Russian Federation repeatedly resorted to nuclear threats, openly threatened to “hit Berlin and Britain” and declared that from now on the Russian nuclear doctrine would be extended to the annexed territories of Ukraine.

But, with the beginning of a full-scale war, the Kremlin constantly creates a nuclear threat to the world. In addition to constant threats to use nuclear weapons, Russia violates the rules of peaceful use of atomic energy by seizing Ukrainian nuclear facilities. Oddly enough, next to this, the Russians cynically declare the need to maintain the security of the world community, trying to make themselves as “peacekeepers”. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi previously called what the Russian occupiers are doing on the territory of the ZNPP in the temporarily seized Enerhodar as one of the biggest crimes of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Because with its actions, the Kremlin literally stooped to a whole new low in the history of terrorism, openly threatening the world with a nuclear catastrophe.

It will be recalled that the Russian occupiers seized the Zaporizhzhia NPP in early March 2022, effectively turning it into a military base and a factor of blackmail. Due to the occupation, there was a significant degradation of nuclear and radiation safety at the station. This is quite obvious, because the combination of weapons, military equipment of the Russians with nuclear and radiation safety is simply impossible. The occupied ZNPP is the biggest loss of the Ukrainian power system during the war. The station has 6 power units, which as early as February 2022 were supplying more than 6,000 MW of electricity to the Ukrainian power system. At the same time, this is the biggest threat not only to Ukraine, but to the whole of Europe. The seizure of Ukrainian nuclear power plants created real nuclear threats due to the lack of proper control over the operation of dangerous facilities. For the first time in history, the Russian occupiers have turned civilian nuclear facilities into military targets and a place to deploy their army. The actions of the Russian Federation are far from a bluff, but a direct threat to Europe. All of Russia's actions and threats contain an unprecedented range of risks and threats that have never been seen in Europe. 

Unfortunately, we have to say that the world has faced nuclear terrorism sponsored by a nuclear state. Therefore, the sooner the Russian Federation’s aggressive plans are stopped, the sooner Europe and the world will be able to feel safe again. For this, it is necessary to strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation and not allow them to be circumvented. The only way to stop the aggressor country is complex pressure and designation of Putin as the biggest war criminal of the 21st century and complete international isolation of the terrorist state headed by him.
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