Russian Terror Has No Borders

Ihor Petrenko

7 mins - 22 de Noviembre de 2022, 07:05

The war unleashed in the center of Europe by Putin and his criminal regime crossed the borders of Ukraine for the first time. As you know, on November 15, Russia launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine, which analysts have already called the largest since February 24. It is telling that the powerful Russian attack took place at the end of the first day of the G20 Summit. Obviously, this is how the Kremlin responded to the calls of the world community to end the war in Ukraine. But this time, the consequences of the shelling of the terrorist country has gone further and reached the territory of Poland, which is neighboring and friendly to Ukraine. Therefore, Moscow clearly and cynically demonstrates to the world its position - the position of blackmail and terror, as well as the absolute absence of at least some reasonable analysis of the situation and negotiations that should put an end to the Russian war in the center of Europe.

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In fact, what has long been talked about and warned by representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and many analysts and experts from other countries has happened. Russia has no intention to stop at the Ukrainian borders, unless it is forced to do so, by the joint efforts of the entire civilized world. But the most important thing is to do it in time, because Russian terror has no common sense or remorse. After Poland, there may be similar precedents in the Baltic states. Moldova also felt the effects of shelling yesterday and was disconnected from energy supply. It is obvious, the longer Russia feels its permissiveness and impunity, the further Russian missiles will fly. Therefore, the President of Ukraine V. Zelenskyi, reacting to the shelling of friendly Poland, called on partners to act in response to the attack against the NATO member state, calling it a Russian missile attack on collective security. Later, commenting on the situation and the collected evidence, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called the situation 'an unfortunate accident'. According to a preliminary inspection of the scene, a conclusion was made about the result of the fall of the rocket. But in any case, Russia is to blame for this tragedy - emphasized the President of Poland A. Duda.
Moscow denied its involvement in the strike, even declaring some provocations by the Polish mass media, that was quite expectedly and predictably. Let’s remind, the territory of Poland was also attacked during the massive missile attack on Ukraine on November 15. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country confirmed two strikes in the city of Przewodov. Later it became known about the death of two people. And while the incident is being investigated, it is still safe to say that the main culprit here is Putin and his criminal regime, because this would never have happened without the daily terror and terrible missile attacks by Russia on Ukraine. Both in Poland and around the world, the event provoked an immediate reaction. Therefore, uncontrolled Russian terrorist intentions, as well as uncontrolled missiles, are dangerous not only for Ukraine, but also pose a threat to neighboring countries, members of the European Union and NATO.

Ukraine also confirms its full solidarity with Poland and is ready to provide any necessary support. This, in particular, was noted by the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, commenting on the situation. The collective response to Russia's actions should be tough and fundamental, he said. Among the upcoming actions are the NATO summit with the participation of Ukraine to develop further joint actions that will force Russia to change its course on escalation, providing Ukraine with modern aircraft, as well as air defense systems, because protecting the skies of Ukraine today means protecting the borders of Europe.
Analysts believe the Kremlin has prepared a large-scale missile attack before Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi presented his 10-point peace proposals at the G20 Summit on November 15. As you know, the President of Ukraine has once again confirmed that Ukraine would negotiate with Russia if the Kremlin completely withdraws its troops from the occupied territories, restores territorial integrity, and also ensured punishment for war crimes. Obviously, Putin also dreamed of a victorious speech at the G20, where he would have to report on the unprecedented successes and achievements of his special operation in the form of the capture of Ukraine or even the restoration of the former colony of nations - the USSR. But it did not happen. There are no victories, there are only shameful acts of aggression and terrorism, for which they will pay. Therefore, the next cynical attacks on peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine, and now not only, burned residential buildings, destroyed power plants and problems with heat, light and the Internet has only proved the status of a terrorist state for Russia. Therefore, in the near future, the Russian Federation has every chance to officially join the shameful list of countries sponsoring terrorism, unofficially - it has been there for a long time. Because all these brutal massive Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure and the civilian population, which effected not only Ukraine, but the whole world, have no sense and no justification. We are talking here about the usual behavior and tactics of a terrorist, there are no rules and boundaries for it, except for intimidation, and in our case also the actual genocide of Ukrainians.
It can be said with a confidence that the Russian state has actually become the largest terrorist organization in the world, surpassing the infamous Al-Qaeda in terms of cynicism and level of criminality. This fact does not need to be confirmed - it is enough to open the reports of the Ukrainian and international media about the events in Ukraine in recent days. This recognition of the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism will put it in line with the countries that are under the most severe sanctions. The fact that Putin is a terrorist, and the state led by him has become one of the most destructive forces on the planet, the civilized world has long had no doubts. There is already more than enough evidence that Russia meets the criteria for the status of 'state sponsor of terrorism'. And the more countries recognize Russia's actions as genocide, and Russia as a terrorist state, the greater and more powerful the support for Ukraine will be, the faster our victory in the war unleashed by the Kremlin will be. A crime must have a definition and be punished. It is inevitable.
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