The New Era of Agenda Pública: Director’s letter to readers

Agenda Pública

2 mins - 15 de Marzo de 2024, 07:00

We are embarking on a new stage to be better and, above all, to be better for longer. Agenda Pública has consolidated its position as Spain’s leading space for political and economic analysis. Today we are adding energies, talent, and capabilities for the coming years

For more than a decade we have contributed to quality public debate, we have generated knowledge to develop quality political and economic analysis, promoting new communities of thought with the help of experts and bringing the rigour of academia to public debate. We will continue to do so in Spanish and English, disseminating knowledge, based on rigour, intellectual honesty, and making understandable what is (sometimes) incomprehensible

We are entering a new phase in which we strengthen our editorial capacities to contribute to a more democratic Spain within the framework of a European Union that, at the same time as it strengthens its democratic institutions, assumes its responsibilities in Ukraine and North Africa

With the aim of consolidating our space, continuing to grow and improving our contributions to society, today we announce the incorporation of BEKANE Media, the new independent group led by Rodrigo Pinedo Texidor as managing director along with Nacho Corredor as Chairman of its Board of Directors, to our shareholding together with our more than 20 partners, expressing the plurality of Spanish society, renewing their confidence in me to continue leading the project as president and with the incorporation to our new Board of Directors of the journalist José Antonio Zarzalejos, the economist and former minister Jordi Sevilla and the doctor in communication Marta Pascal

This new stage we are embarking on would not have been possible without the more than 2,000 authors who have collaborated with us and without a broad community of readers made up of politicians, journalists, senior civil servants, businessmen, university professors and liberal professionals. Some make political and economic decisions, some help to make decisions, and others give their opinions on decisions. We know that they share our objectives of quality and influence on public debate.

To conclude, I would like to highlight the commitment that Algeria Queralt Jiménez and Juan Rodríguez Teruel have had with Agenda Pública from day one and for more than ten years. Thank you both very much! This project and this new stage will also be possible thanks to you. 

The first decade of Agenda Pública has only been the beginning of a long road. And we want to continue building together. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey. 
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